Contamination Assessments

BHA Consulting Ltd provide a thorough, cost-effective contaminated land consultancy service to developers to ensure land is suitable for its new end use.

Contaminated land investigation requires a phased approach and a Phase I Desk Study is the minimum requirement for developments on previously developed land (brownfield land) and developments with a proposed sensitive end use, such as a residential development of over 10 houses. 

A Desk Study involves the collation and review of published information about the site, and a detailed site walkover, to develop a Preliminary Conceptual Site Model and Qualitative Risk Assessment.  The findings of the desk study will inform the need for a Phase II investigation and provide an appraisal of remedial options, if required, ensuring the successful management and development of contaminated land.

Our services include:

  • Phase I:
  • Desk Studies and Walkover Surveys
  • Pre-determination Questionnaires

Phase II:

  • Design and supervision of contaminated land ground investigations
  • Soil, gas and groundwater sampling
  • Long term gas and groundwater monitoring
  • Chemical laboratory testing
  • Quantitative environmental risk assessment
  • Appraisal of remedial options
  • Drinking water pipe selection advice
  • Waste classification (WAC) testing, advice and management
  • Liaison and agreement with regulators
  • Remedial method statements
  • Validation testing, reporting and sign off of remediated sites
Services Contamination Assessments